Paine with ALL the Colors

Just in case it wasn’t obvious enough, us gals over here at EOAB are obsessed with color! Persian rose LOVE ultramarine LOVE lemon chiffon LOVE! And the pretty recent trend of “off-kilter” pairings has quickly become one of your most fun past times. Gone are the days of all pink and white or light blue weddings and are we ever grateful for that! We acknowledge that at the epitome of all our planning we are all just trying to create a day that expresses us as a couple. And showing your personalities through color is a really smart way to do that. There’s such true excitement in creating unexpected combinations like causally cool mint with blush or dressed up navy with a pop of orange. UGH love it! We challenge you to be brave, adventurous couples that use emerald in July and pair lavender with mustard! Here are a few of our favorite unexpected pairings. Let us know what yours are, we’re always looking for new inspiration

#recipes #corn #polenta #grill #salad #sidedish #starter

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